Winter is Coming!

Winter is only a couple of weeks away so how can you prevent cold and cough in babies and young children?  
Here are few CCH tips:

  • Keep babies under three months old away from people with colds
  • Make sure your child has received all of the recommended immunisations. While they won’t prevent colds, they will help prevent some of the complications, such as bacterial infections of the ears or lungs.
  • This year for the first time the influenza vaccine is free and recommended for all children between 6mo and 6years. Please see your GP for further details. The influenza vaccine protects against influenza but not against other respiratory viruses.
  • Wash your child’s hands to reduce the spread of colds: after coughing, sneezing or wiping the nose are necessary, after being in direct contact with someone who has a respiratory infection, wash yours and your child’s hands after wiping your child’s nose.
  • Teach children to sneeze the right way. Tell your child to sneeze by covering the nose and mouth with tissues and dispose of them in the dustbin.
    Avoid sharing toys that young children place in their mouths until the toys have been cleaned.