Mary Speirs – Senior Speech Pathologist

Introducing Mary Speirs, our Senior Speech Pathologist, a seasoned practitioner and compassionate advocate for the language journeys of each paediatric case she undertakes.

In response to the evolving landscape of family needs, Mary strategically shifts her focus towards short-term therapy sessions and providing invaluable parental advice. Her objective is to guide families in deciphering the extent of their child’s challenges and facilitating informed decisions for the way forward.

Mary’s proficiency is particularly notable in the assessment of girls for ASD, as her unique ability to identify ASD in girls sets her apart in the field.

Adding another dimension to her comprehensive approach, Mary conducts parent training sessions through the Hanen Programs. These virtual sessions, conducted over Zoom are NDIS-approved and, empower parents to participate actively in their child’s therapy. Mary’s commitment transcends conventional therapy; it is about fostering understanding and active involvement.

Beyond the confines of our clinic, Mary assumes a crucial role as a local school collaborator, seamlessly integrating assessments and therapies and adeptly navigating the complexities of funding structures.

Mary’s strategic approach, encompassing short-term therapies, expert assessments, and comprehensive support, underscores her commitment to making a profound and lasting impact in the lives she touches.


Mary will be working fortnightly from our Keilor clinic. To book an appointment, please email her at: or