CCH Welcomes – Onwards & Upwards Psychology

Onwards and Upwards Psychology is a child and adolescent centred psychology practice founded in 2018 by psychologist Sandhya Menon. It operates on positive psychology principles and is guided by the maxim: children do well if they can. Sandhya hopes to guide children and families in seeing the strength that exists within them and to then use this as a platform for addressing areas of concern. The practice conveys evidence-based techniques in an easy to digest fashion using practical strategies. Involvement in assessment and therapy processes at Onwards and Upwards Psychology aims to empower the family with the knowledge that informs their life journey.

Sandhya has extensive experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Intellectual Disability. She is able to see a wide variety of clinical presentations, including but not limited to: anxiety, emotional regulation difficulties, difficulties learning in the classroom, school readiness, challenging behaviour, attachment issues, grief and loss, depression, bullying, and managing social relationships.

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