Paediatric Neuropsychology

Neuropsychologists have expert knowledge regarding the relationship between how the brain functions and behaviour. We conduct assessments that are directed at a range of skills and abilities that include cognition (thinking skills), learning and memory, social and emotional functioning, academic development and behaviour. We have a high level of specialist training in the assessment of children, adolescents and young adults with developmental, psychological, and neurological conditions. We also assess adults with assessment needs related to developmental conditions, such as autism and learning difficulties.

A Neuropsychologist differs from a Clinical, Educational or School Psychologist as they generally have over 6 years of doctoral level training specifically directed at understanding how changes in development of the brain can lead to common conditions of childhood and adolescence.

Because of this level of skill, we offer an interpretation and understanding of your child’s performance within our assessments, and not just a record of their scoreĀ  or level on assessment tasks. This invaluable information can allow you to better understand the causative factors or reasons for your childĀ¹s presentation. We receive requests for assessments from a diverse range of areas including medical and health specialists, parents, teachers, lawyers, and members of the general community.