Caring for your children’s teeth



Caring for your children’s teeth

Research by The Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll has found that Parents are confused about dental care for their children. One in three Australian children do not brush their teeth twice a day and one in ten have had at least one decayed tooth pulled out before they turn nine years old.

The RCH National Child Health Poll has uncovered for the first time that one in three pre-schoolers have never visited a dentist and many well-meaning parents are confused about how best to keep their child’s teeth healthy.

Are you confused?  Things you should know

All children should brush their teeth twice a day and as parents it is important you show them the correct way to do this

Start cleaning your babies teeth as soon as they appear

Establish regular annual dental check-ups for your children from the age of one

Avoid sugary drinks  and in Melbourne children are encouraged to drink tap water as that contains fluoride which makes teeth stronger.

Use a toothpaste containing fluoride

Ensure each member of the family has their own toothbrush

Change toothbrushes when they become shaggy

Encourage your children to stop sucking their fingers and thumbs and stop using dummies

Use a mouth guard when playing sport

Check to see if your child is eligible from up to $1000 of free dental care from the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Check to see if you are eligible here –

Remember oral health affects overall health so your teeth are very important.

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