Pelvic Health Melbourne

Is your child bedwetting?

Our Physiotherapists help address any bladder and bowel issues which may be contributing to bedwetting. Once these factors are addressed we help organise a bedwetting alarm for your child, helping them train to wake before wetting.

Does your child suffer with an overactive bladder?

  • Are they going to the toilet all the time?
  • Experiencing a frantic need to go?
  • Experiencing leakage or sometimes urinary flooding?

An overactive bladder can be a distressing and frustrating condition for your child and the whole family.  With the support of your paediatrician, your child’s bladder function will be assessed and, if necessary, medication can be prescribed to lessen the intensity of the bladder muscle contractions. Our physiotherapists work with your family on bladder retraining to help normalise bladder sensation and function.

Does your child suffer with constipation or soiling?

Once assessed by your paediatrician you may be referred to a physiotherapist to retrain your child on correct bowel emptying.  Some children close their back passage whilst trying to empty the bowel rather than opening. Our physiotherapists retrain you children in a fun, non-threatening environment for lifelong healthy bowel patterns.